Effective operating management is what ultimately separates excellent companies from average companies. We develop productive working relationships with the talented people who operate our portfolio companies, relationships that are founded on a number of critical qualities.

  • Aligned Interests. The principals of Islington Capital Partners commit a significant amount of personal capital to each transaction. As a result, our singular focus is enhancing equity value. It is therefore imperative that senior management have significant equity stakes in the companies that they operate.
  • Long Term Orientation. We are patient investors. We do not require that our investments be monetized within a fixed time period. We will maintain our ownership as long as the value of the company can continue to grow.
  • Open Communication. Effective decision-making, especially under stressful or complex circumstances, requires open communication. We are confident that we can deliver the necessary resources to solve a given problem, as long as we deal with the issues openly and collaboratively.
  • No Bureaucracy. We do not saddle management teams with unnecessary reporting requirements or bureaucratic burdens. We expect to be regularly informed about the operations and performance of the company in the same way that senior management is or should be informed.
  • Complementary Skills. Our expertise lies in our skills as investors and company owners, not as day-to-day operating managers. We believe that the experience and perspective that we have gained during our investing careers make us an effective complement to the expertise and skills of operating managers.

We would be happy to put you in touch with senior executives with whom we have worked in the past.