Investment bankers, business brokers and other advisors are the primary sources of our investment opportunities. We understand how to interact with intermediaries productively and professionally.

  • Responsiveness. We promptly respond to new investment opportunities. If a prospective transaction is not a fit for whatever reason, we explain why.
  • Streamlined Decision Process. Paul Spinale and John Cullinane are the only decision-makers of Islington Capital Partners. We can make decisions as quickly as necessary.
  • Extensive Experience. Over our careers, we have dealt with many types of businesses and transactions. We draw upon this experience to lead an efficient and professional transaction process.
  • Transparency. We communicate openly and regularly during the transaction process. If issues or concerns surface, we promptly discuss them with you and your client so that we can collectively resolve them.
  • Fees. We understand the value that capable intermediaries add in any successful transaction and are happy to pay customary finder's fees.